Photography and Art of Cuba

Editorial and documentary non-tourist photography of present day life in Cuba by photographer Jack Kenny. Also representing the photographic works of Epic Cuban Photographers: Alberto "KORDA" Diaz and Osvaldo & Roberto Salas. A Free-Use site for Educational Purposes.

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Color Photo Gallery by Jack Kenny
Black and White Photo Gallery by Jack Kenny
Con Hemmingway for sale and other photographs by Osvaldo Salas
Heroic Guerrilla for sale by Alberto KORDA Diaz

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Epic Cuban Photographers
Cuban Lifestyle Photography by Jack Kenny.

My first trip to Cuba was in April of 1996. I fell in love
with everything about the island and its people.
I returned three more times that year.

I have made more than 40 trips in the past 20 years
and my book "Cuba; Photographs by Jack Kenny"
was published in 2005.

All of my Cuban lifestyle Photos are For Sale as
frameable art or as editorial illustration. I am constantly
adding, and sometimes deleting images from this site
as I continue my travels to Cuba.

When in Cuba I'm based in Havana, but I try
to visit a new location on each trip, sometimes
returning to old favorites to update my work.
I hope you find the photography interesting
and informative. Sincerely, Jack Kenny.

Epic Cuban Photographer: Alberto KORDA Diaz, Osvaldo and Roberto Salas

During my first trip to Cuba, I had the good fortune
to meet the great photographer Roberto Salas,
the son of Osvaldo Salas. Since then we have
become close friends. Also, I was a friend
of the late Alberto "Korda" Diaz.

I sell the work of both photographers and have a
large number of signed prints in stock. Contact us!

Cuba Table Top Photo Book by Jack Kenny